I think the sentiment, and reasons behind the existence of this article are #rockstarshizz. !!!

This woman - at her core and with her every step - is not just some teacher trying to pickup some extra bread. This woman is a person who cares enough to turn something that could be an easy 'side gig' into an invaluable service, for those who are desperate to have an understanding of how to make their lives in the States not startup under the fear that life where they may be is already blanketed by. She's making an easier way - for persons who are looking towards the States as their fresh start; freedom they may not have NOW is something more easily acquired...simply by knowing the language.


What a wonderful blog, by a wonderful lady who's using her skill/trade in a way that brings her both personal gain as well as a way to 'pay it forward.' It's not major; it's simple enough to remind us all that anyone can live their life effectively enough to make *Big Waves * in the universe 🌌...without bearing the name/pockets/Or lineage one expects to come with #major moves. The everyday 'schmoe' can cause ripples with just a few clicks of the keyboard -when intent backs and lights the way! 😇

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